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VMRS 200R Series

VMRS 200R Series

Product Introduction

The VMS Machine Monitoring System (MMS) VMRS 200R series is 19" Rack Type monitoring system.

It converts a vibration input signal to a user-defined broadband value proportional to RMS of vibration velocity, acceleration or Acceleration Enveloping, True Peak-To-Peak of displacement.

The Alert / Danger relay outputs and 4 to 20mA output signal can directly interface to a Process Control System (DCS or PLC).


  • Mounted in a 19” Rack with single or redundant power supply
  • Up to 32 Dynamic, DC inputs and 8 Digital inputs in each Rack
  • True Simultaneous measurement of all channels
  • With Alert and Danger as two independent set points with LED indication and contact relay outputs for each channel
  • Selectable Individual channel live bar-graph displays
  • Programmable Alert or Danger Level
  • Isolated 4-20mA output signals (Optional)
  • Redundant RS485 Modbus Communication
  • API 670 compliant

Power Supply

Input voltage range 90 ~ 264VAC
Input Frequency range 47 ~ 63Hz
Input AC current(Typ.) 115VAC 1.7A
230VAC 0.75A
Redundant AC power feed Optional

Signal Input

Sensor Accelerometer, Velocity transducer, Eddy current probe, Tacho sensor (Inductive sensor 2 & 3 wires, Eddy current probe)
Analogue input
Signal type selection Vibration & analogue via module replacement, Tacho via jumper
Sensor sensitivity Selectable via jumper
Sensor OK detection Continuous monitoring of the MMS bias and signal voltage. If voltage exceeds preset limits, the 4 to 20mA output currents is reduced to less than 2mA.


Buffered output BNC connectors,
Screw terminals
Buffered output Sensitivity Same as a sensor sensitivity
Screw terminal output Sensitivity Same as a sensor sensitivity
Sensor sensitivity Selectable via Jumper
Accuracy Typ. ±1% of full-scale range
Analogue Output Isolated 4~20mA
Relay rating (max.) Switching voltage, 250 VAC
Switching current, 5A

System Configuration

System Configuration