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About VMS

VMS Co., Ltd is a Vibration & Oil Condition Monitoring veterans and their expertise in producing and selling products related to the company they were founded in 2011.
The company is based on the insight that better vibration monitoring & analysis system for every machine in all fields of industry can be created by leveraging simple monitoring platform and wireless device.
We provide all technical service, support and training you may need to become your own condition monitoring expert.
The head office, R & D center, production facility is located in Busan, Korea.

Every monitoring for every machine need

VMS offers cost-effective and product range. Our Vibration Analysis Solutions is a professional without knowledge of Condition Monitoring equipment simply a visual status easily be seen and to be able to cost-effective online monitoring.
So we detect in advance the failure of equipment or machinery while to wrap this value can be installed on any equipment or machinery, and to provide technical ways to monitoring.
Our monitoring equipment detects fault conditions well in time for planned maintenance and repairs, causing none or minimal interruption of the production process, utility equipment and ships.
Immediate and evaluated condition information is presented as green - yellow - red condition LED for instant and easy recognition of trouble spots.
This greatly improves the effectiveness of available staff resources.